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My new blog has been moved to schoology.  The link is below.  I still plan to keep this blog and turn it into a more teacher professional site.  I plan on keeping all  the songs, extra educational sites and other information here.  All happenings in the classroom will be updated on the new Schoology blog.



Mr. B


Athletic events for the week of August 24, 2015

Athletic events for the week of August 24:

Tuesday, August 25:

1.  The golf team travels to Amelia Country Club to take on Amelia & Nottoway at 3:30.

2.  The JV & varsity volleyball teams travel to Maggie Walker for a scrimmage starting at 5:30.

Wednesday, August 26:

1.  The JV football team opens the season at home vs. Essex at 6:30.  Cost for the game is $6.00.

Thursday, August 27:

1.  The golf team travels to the Longwood Golf Course to take on Prince Edward & Randolph-Henry at 3:30.

Friday, August 28:

1.  The varsity football team travels to Essex for their first regular season game at 7:00.

Saturday, August 29:

1.  The varsity volleyball team will host the Goochland Volleyball Jamboree starting at 9:00.  The schools that are participating this year are:  Midlothian, Collegiate, Madison County, Steward, Trinity, Nottoway, Henrico, Brunswick, Prince Edward & Bluestone.  Admission to the Jamboree is $6.00.


GMS Teacher to Attend Back-to-School Climate Education Event at the White House

Goochland Middle School’s Anne Moore has been invited to join a diverse group of key education leaders for a climate education event that will also be live-streamed.
On Thursday, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is hosting a special Back-to-School Climate Education Event from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM. We are so proud to have our very own Ms. Moore at the table, included in teh discussion and impacting education on a national level! For this event, OSTP will welcome approximately 200 participants – including exceptional high school students, educators, and key leaders in the education community from government, academia, philanthropies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. Presentations will demonstrate new and innovative ways to increase climate-learning opportunities for students and to equip educators with science-based information and resources. The program will consist of an interactive climate “assembly,” fireside chats with senior officials, demonstrations of new free online educational resources, and a panel featuring outstanding student leaders. From 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT on Thursday, August 20, you’re invited to tune in to the livestream of the Back-to-School Climate Education Event.

Transportation FAQs

In past years we have had several questions raised during the first week of school regarding transportation. Here are a few pieces of information pulled from the most Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Returning students will not receive a “new” transportation schedule unless their bus assignment has changed. If you do not receive notice of a change, your child will ride the same bus this year as last year.
  2. Transportation schedules have been mailed out to all students that are new to the school system, all rising kindergarteners, rising 6th graders, students with bus route changes and students who have moved.
  3. Guidance counselors continue to submit new student information and we are assigning students to buses as they come in. At this point we are contacting parents of newly registered students by phone to arrange transportation.
  4. We will be tweaking the bus times during the first 10 days of school to maximize efficiency and minimize student wait and ride time. Parents will be notified if a child’s schedule will need to be changed for any reason.
  5. Some parents may choose to transport their child this year but until we hear from the parents that bus transportation is not needed, the student’s name will remain on the bus rosters.
  6. Parents or designee must accompany students in grades K-3 as they wait at the Bus Stop and be there to receive them each afternoon.  For safety reasons, parents of students in grades K-3 are asked to be at his/her child’s bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up and discharge times.
  7. As in past years, Bus Passes will not be issued for the first 2 weeks of school to allow drivers to become familiar with their new routes and students.

If we can be of further help, please let us know. Everyone is excited to get the students back in school including the bus drivers. We are looking forward to a great school year! If you have any questions, please call our transportation department at 556-5361. Thank you for your continued support!


Join us Thursday , August 20th 3:00-7:00 for Business Night.  Get your schedule, pay your fees, and meet your teachers!

We are excited about this upcoming year and we can’t wait to meet you!


Welcome Back

I’m excited about beginning the school year and meeting all the room 108 kids.  Kindergarten Orientation is Thursday, August 20, 1:00-2:30.  GCPS school buses will pick up you & your child at your designated area. If you are uncertain of this place & time, please contact RES at 556-5385.  Students and parents will assemble in our cafeteria upon arrival to RES.  I will be introduced in the cafeteria and take my new students to my room.  While I am getting to know my students, parents will spend some time with Mr. Gardner in the cafeteria.  He will fill all parents in on the routine and procedures for RES.  After meeting with Mr. Gardner, parents will join me in my classroom.  I will share specific things about kindergarten and my classroom.  This will be a great time to ask questions and sign up to help in the classroom.  Afterwards, all students will be brought back to my class.  I am so excited about the upcoming school year!

Please bring your child’s school supplies to Orientation.

Thank you,

Beth Alvis

RES Kindergarten

Mrs. Austin’s Kindergarten Kids 2015-08-19 11:32:42

Dear Room 111 Families,

         Welcome to kindergarten!  I look forward to a wonderful year of teaching and learning!  Below you will find lots of important information regarding routines and procedures for room 111.  Please take a moment and read over this, contact me if you have any questions.  Keep this letter in a special place so you can refer to it if necessary.


Kim Austin



We will have a snack time each day.  Please send a healthy snack (crackers, fruit, carrots, dry cereal, etc.) for your child every day.  Please do not send candy, soda, items that are difficult to open or require a spoon.  Also, do not send anything in a glass container.  Make sure that you label items allocated for snack so your child won’t eat his/her lunch at snack time.  You can label it “snack” in a baggie.  The cafeteria does not provide milk or snacks for your child.  Your child’s snack must be brought from home.  Please send water for your child to drink or he/she can get a drink from the fountain.  Please send your child’s water in a container that will not easily spill. 

***Please do not send nuts or any food that has nuts in the ingredients. We have students in our class with nut allergies.  Thanks in advance for being mindful of other students when selecting a snack for your child. We never share food; please have a conversation with your child regarding food sharing.



Birthday teats are always welcome.  Please let me know at least one day ahead if you’d like to bring something (individual small cupcakes, cookies, popsicles, Oreos or brownies work best).  We will share these treats during our lunch. Keep it simple.  :)


Green Folders

All important papers and work will come home your child’s green folder daily.  Homework and assignments will also come home in the green folder.  Please check the folder nightly, keep the class work at home and please give your child positive reinforcement for his/her work.  Praising your child for a job well done is an instant confidence booster. Looking through your child’s work is also a great way to start a conversation about what he/she is learning in school.  You may use this folder to send in notes, bus passes, money, book orders, etc.  Whenever you send in money, please place it in a zip lock bag and label it with your child’s name and indicate what the money is for.

Student Calendar:

The student calendar will come home daily; this is how I will share your child’s progress each day.  This student calendar will be placed inside your child’s green folder.  Keep in mind that the student calendar is primarily used for behavior and communication.  Academic progress will be noted on your child’s written work, interims, or report cards.  Please sign and place the student calendar in your child’s green folder.  You are welcome to write notes to me on your child’s calendar.  I do not mind if you write notes regarding absences or dismissal in your child’s calendar. This calendar should be stored in your child’s green communication folder.


Late Arrivals:

If your child is arriving late (after 8:20), please check in at the office.  Your child should walk to the classroom alone, so our classroom interruptions are minimal.  Thank you for understanding this request.



Please call the office when your child is absent at 556-5385 anytime.  We have an answering machine therefore you can simply leave a message.  State law requires schools to call parents regarding absences if we are not otherwise notified.  A written excuse is required when your child returns to school.  If you send an email to me regarding an absence please copy your email to


Fees and Money

Instructional Fee:  $10.00      (Checks made payable to RES)

Cafeteria Fees:

Breakfast  $1.20  (Students go directly to the Cafeteria after he or she gets off the bus)

Lunch       $2.55 (includes milk)

Milk                   .60

I highly recommend creating an account for your child.  You can do this online or in the cafeteria.  The account is a convenient way to pay for breakfast, lunch, etc.  (This is also a great “backup” in case of forgotten lunches). 

Additionally, ANY money sent from home must be in a clear zip lock bag and must have a note stating what the money will be used for.   This will eliminate confusion and lost money.   If your child needs money added to his or her account the cafeteria will send a note to remind you or I will write a note on your child’s calendar.  Don’t forget to take a look at your child’s agenda each evening.



I use a system of color changes in my class.  Green= Great Day, Yellow= Warning, Blue= Short Time-Out, Red= I will give parents a call regarding red color changes.

Kindergarten will be an exciting and rewarding time for you and your child.  We will all work together to make this a successful year for all the room 111 kids.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



The room 111 kids will make lots of class books.  I will send these books home for your child to read Monday-Thursday.  There will be a short activity related to the class book that your child brings home.  Please complete the activity and return the class book on the following school day.  I rotate the books.  If one book is missing another child may not have a book to carry home on the following day.  I promise that you will love these books!  :) I am not sure when the books will be ready for students to bring home.  I am thinking sometime in September.  It takes some time to prepare the class books.  I will send homework assignments related to colors and letters.  This will begin the first week. 


Contacting Mrs. Austin

You may use email, phone, or written notes 


School:  556-5385

During school hours, you can leave a note with the office, and Mrs. Russell will either email me or leave a note in my mailbox


If you need to contact me regarding afternoon or morning transportation using email always copy Mrs. Russell.  If I am absent or my computer is down, it is imperative that Mrs. Russell be aware of any changes in your child’s routine.  If I receive an email, I will reply.  If you don’t hear from me, you may want to send it again or call the school.


PTA: Please consider joining our wonderful PTA.  Becoming a member and lending your support directly benefits all of the RES kids.  Our PTA is the best and all parents love being a part of this organization.  The cost is $6.


Box Tops for Education: We all have money sitting in our kitchens.  Just cut the little box top symbol off of your favorite food containers and send them to school.  Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to help out. If you need more information regarding this program, visit this site:


Technology:We will use the laptops on the first week of school.  Please complete an acceptable use policy as soon as possible.  This will be included in the papers that come home on the first week of school.  This form is necessary before your child can use technology.  We will also use iPads.  Please consider sending in a set of headphones for your child to use during technology time.  I will place them in a ziplock bag and keep them for you child to use during the school year.


1st Day Reminders

1. Have your child ride the bus to school.  Make sure your child wears his/her nametag.  Write your child’s afternoon transportation on his or her nametag.  There is a designated line for the bus # or car rider or YMCA.

2.  Send in all supplies if you haven’t already brought them to Open House.

3. Send back all papers that need to be signed.

4. Kiss and hug your child and tell them to have a wonderful day.

5. Wear PE appropriate shoes.  Please do not send your child to school wearing sandals, crocs, or flip-flops. Tennis shoes are always a best choice. 




Class Donations:


Always Greatly Appreciated Classroom Wish List

We are always in need of the following supplies if you would like to donate.


*Clorox Wipes for teachers to clean off the tables/doorknobs/etc.

*inexpensive paper plates – small and large

*cotton balls

*plastic spoons and forks

*stickers for our Creation Station

*treasure box items (items from Dollar Store or Party City)

*plastic toy food for our play kitchen

*any color construction paper

*A roll of paper towels























Kindergarten’s Daily Sch

Welcome to Room 105!

Dear Room 105 Parents,

 I’m excited about beginning the school year and meeting all the room 105 kids.  Kindergarten Orientation is Thursday, August 20, 1:00-2:30.  GCPS school buses will pick up you & your child at your designated area. If you are uncertain of this place & time, please contact RES at 556-5385.  Students and parents will assemble in our cafeteria upon arrival to RES.  I will be introduced in the cafeteria and take my new students to my room.  While I am getting to know my students, parents will spend some time with Mr. Gardner in the cafeteria.  He will fill all parents in on the routine and procedures for RES.  After meeting with Mr. Gardner, parents will join me in my classroom.  I will share specific things about kindergarten and my classroom.  This will be a great time to ask questions and sign up to help in the classroom.  Afterwards, all parents will visit our school library and pick up their children.  I am so excited about the upcoming school year!

Please bring your child’s school supplies to Orientation.

Thank you,

Whitney Neiditch

RES Kindergarten

2015-16 Started with a Spark!

Ron Clark is known for motivating everyone to learn, so much so that he travels the world sharing his approach with others. Thursday morning he came to Goochland and helped us hit the ground sprinting into the approaching 2015-16 school year.

Internationally renowned educator and author Ron Clark spent the morning with us on Thursday, a magical day indeed.

Athletic events for the week of August 17, 2015

Athletic events for the week of August 17, 2015

Tuesday, August 18:

1.  The golf team travels to Kinderton County Club in Clarksville to take on Bluestone & Cumberland at 3:30.

Thursday, August 20:

1.  The golf team hosts Bluestone & Nottoway at The Hollows Golf Course at 3:30.

Friday, August 21:

1.  The varsity football team hosts Powhatan in the VHSL Foundation Benefit Football game at 7:00.  Cost for the game is $6.00.  Passes are not accepted for the benefit game.

Information About the School Nutrition Program

Healthy meals are an important part of how we create an educational environment in which every learner’s potential can be maximized. Please take a look at the information below and contact your child’s principal if you have any questions or concerns about how lunch or breakfast will be served, how to pay your child’s meal fees, or how to apply for free or reduced meals.

Meal Payment 

We really encourage you to prepay meals. This will speed up service and provide your child more time to enjoy lunch.  Pre-payment may be made for the week, month or year. Students may pre-pay in the cafeteria by cash or check.

You always have the option to pay or check balances online at or use our telephone system @ 1-866-572-6091.

Balances left on your child’s account at the end of the school year will carry over to the next school year. Refunds are only issued if a child will be leaving Goochland County Public Schools.


Our menus are designed to average fewer than 30% calories from fat and 10% calories from saturated fat each week. Lunch menus will always provide one-third of the daily-recommended levels for protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and calories. Breakfast will contain one-fourth of these daily recommendations. The daily menus will consist of a minimum of two main entrees, cold plates and salads, choice of two fruits and two vegetables and three selections of milk. All bread items served are whole grain.

Monthly menus will be posted on our county web site at

 A La Carte Items

The purpose of a la carte sales is to enhance, not replace a balanced meal.  We encourage you to talk with your child about how many and which of these items you prefer him or her to choose. All a la carte items contain no more than 35% calories from total fat as served, and no more than 35% by weight sugar content per serving. In addition, these products are prohibited from having caffeine or being carbonated. 

Lost or Forgotten Lunch Money

Sometimes our students lose or forget their lunch money. We strongly recommend prepayment to help avoid this, but we understand it’s going to happen. Students who lose or forget their breakfast or lunch money will always be served a meal. The principal will send you a notice requesting that the students’ account be reconciled. Once a student’s account has reached a deficit of $10.00, the student will be provided an alternative meal of a ham or turkey sandwich, fruit, vegetable and milk. 

Parents, you are invited and encouraged to eat lunch with your children any time during the school year.   We simply ask that you schedule these opportunities with your child’s principal. Adult lunches are $3.75.

Applications for Free and Reduced Meals

These applications are provided to every student at the beginning of each school year. Applications are also available at all school sites or from the Food Service Office (804-556-5604).  Only one application is needed for all students in a household, but you will need to complete a new application each year. If you receive a Letter of Direct Certification, you do not need to fill out a free and reduced application. 

Applications may be returned to your school’s cafeteria manager. This information is kept in strict confidence within the division. If you have any questions about who has access to your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Food Allergies

We cannot stress enough the importance of your communicating with us about your child’s food allergies. Please be sure to notify your school office as well as the cafeteria manager at your school site of any FOOD ALLERGIES your child has.  Any allergies or special needs requiring substitutions to the regular school meal will require a physician’s statement.

Student Conduct in the Cafeteria

We intend for your child’s breakfast or lunch time to be enjoyable. It’s time that can be spent socializing with peers and interacting with adults, both integral to the education process. In order to provide the very best experience for all students during meals, we ask that students practice good table manners and converse in a normal speaking voice. Your child’s school may have other, more specific cafeteria rules in place (such as where to sit, how to return trays and discard trash). Generally speaking, we just ask that everyone be respectful and enjoy the food and the time!

2015-2016 Back to School Information

GCPS Community and Parents,

As the excitement about beginning a new school year builds, we look forward to the many “back to school” events that are scheduled in our schools. Please mark your calendars for these important activities we hope you can attend:

All Schools:

  • Kindergarten Orientation, 1:00-2:30PM, August 20
  • Business Night, 3:00-7:00PM, August 20
  • First Day of School, August 24


  • Business Night, 3:00-7:00PM, August 20
  • Back to School Night/Open House, September 17
  • Freshman/9th Grade Orientation, 9:00AM, August 18


  • Business Night, 3:00-7:00PM, August 20
  • Back to School Night/Open House, September 17
  • Eagle Evolution Parent Night, 6:00PM, August 17
  • Eagle Evolution 6th Grade Student Orientation, 9:00AM, August 18


  • Business Night, 3:00-7:00PM, August 20
  • Back to School Night/Open House, September 10


  • Business Night, 3:00-7:00PM, August 20
  • Back to School Night/Open House, September 10 (Tentative)


  • Business Night, 3:00-7:00PM, August 20
  • Back to School Night/Open House, September 15

Please contact your child’s principal for specifics or information about any of these and other events.  Principals will also be sending home a letter to all families later this week with even more information.

As the year progresses, each school will update an individual calendar. Division-wide events will also be updated and all calendars can be accessed here, by navigating the scroll bar on the right side of the page (you will be able to select an individual school’s calendar or view multiple calendars).  Additionally, the 180-day school calendar as approved by the school board (i.e. includes dates for Winter and Spring Breaks, etc.) is here.  This last calendar that we linked is the one you most likely print and stick to a magnet on your fridge!

Supply Lists

All supply lists for students are located in this blog post.

Transportation Questions

We are extremely proud of our transportation department and the service we provide to families. Thanks to the school board and board of supervisors, we were able to purchase two new buses last year and have a plan to regularly replace outdated vehicles to maintain maximum safety for our students.

Bus route information will be mailed to the homes of all students NEW to GCPS, including families of rising Kindergarten students. In addition, all rising 6th graders and those whose route may have changed received information regarding transportation. Families with any questions about transportation are encouraged to contact 556-5367.

Cafeteria Information

We are proud of our award-winning School Nutrition Program. Each week our school cafeterias feature locally grown produce through the Farm to School Program. Student meals can be prepaid at your child’s school or using Students use their student ID numbers to access the online payment system. These numbers are given out during business night at each school on August 20. For information related to cafeteria services, including the Free and Reduced Meal Program, please contact 556-5604.


Each year the board updates the community on potential fees and how to qualify for a waiver.  Please visit school board policy JN for more information – linked HERE.  If your child takes dual enrollment, ACA, or college level courses, additional fees to the colleges for these programs can be found HERE.

Back to School Information

A couple of notes with the start of the 2015-16 school year right around the corner:

Please see Dr. Geyer’s blog for the 5th grade supply list>>>5th grade supply list

*If there are any questions about the supply list or if there are financial difficulties in purchasing items, please contact me via email or        leave a message at school 556-5380.

Just like last year, the fifth graders will be issued iPads once school starts.  There is a reduction in the insurance cost this year, it’s $20.  This will need to be paid prior to the students receiving their iPads.  When I know a date for iPad distribution, I will let you know.

There is also a $10 instructional fee.  Checks can be made out to BES.

The fifth grade team is looking forward to a fantastic year with the new fifth graders.  Please plan on attending Business Night/Open House on August 20th from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  You can bring any school supplies with you at that time or on the first day of school.  We’ve found that it makes the first day of school easier if the items are already at school.  Again, please contact Ms. Beatty or me if there are difficulties with the supply list.

***Note – GCPS is converting our blogs over the the Schoology platform.  I am not sure how long this WordPress blog will remain active.  Information on the changeover will be sent home with students once I am given a firm date.

Athletic events for the week of August 10, 2015

Athletic events for the week of August 10:

Wednesday, August 12:

1.  The golf team will host Fluvanna at The Hollows Golf Course at 3:30.

Thursday, August 13:

1.  The golf team travels to the Farmville Municipal Golf Course to take on Cumberland & Central at 3:30.

Saturday, August 15:

1.  The varsity football team travels to Western Albemarle High School for a scrimmage with Stuarts Draft & Waynesboro starting at 3:00.


Summer School Progress Reports


All summer school progress reports were mailed to student homes, Wednesday, August 4th.  These reports give a brief explanation of demonstrated growth over the 4 week session.  Please keep in mind that the GMS summer school program measures academic growth in addition to the final grade.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

GHS Cross Country Schedule 2015

GOOCHLAND HIGH SCHOOL                                                                            2015 CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE                                                             Wed 8/26 Randolph-Henry, Cumberland & Amelia at R-H 4:30                          Wed 9/2 Amelia, Bluestone & Buckingham at Amelia 4:30                                  Wed 9/9 Prince Edward, Buckingham & Cumberland at PE 4:30                    WED 9/16 AMELIA, NOTTOWAY & PRINCE EDWARD HOME 4:30               Wed 9/23 Randolph-Henry, Bluestone & PE at R-H 4:30                                   Wed 9/30 James River Challenge at FUMA 5:00                                                            Sat 10/3 FUMA (Freshman & MS) at FUMA 9:00 am                                      WED 10/7 Bluestone, Cumberland & Nottoway at Bluestone 4:30                   Sat 10/10 Albemarle Invitational at Panorama Farms 9:30 am                            Wed 10/14 BLUESTONE, BUCKINGHAM & PE HOME 4:30                     Wed 10/21 JRD TBA 3:00                                                                              Wed 10/28 Quad River TBA                                                                              Wed 11/4 2A East Region at Panorama Farms 3:00/4:00

GHS Golf Schedule 2015

Goochland High School                                                                                       2015 Golf Schedule                                                                                            WED 8/12 FLUVANNA Home The Hollows 3:30                                            Thu 8/13 Cumberland & Central Farmville Municipal 3:30                                    Tue 8/18 Bluestone & Cumberland Kinderton 3:30                                             THU 8/20 NOTTOWAY & BLUESTONE Home The Hollows 3:30                   Tue 8/25 Amelia  & Nottoway  Amelia CC 3:30                                                   Thu 8/27 Prince Edward & Randolph-Henry Longwood 3:30                                TUE 9/1 BUCKINGHAM & RANDOLPH-HENRY Home The Hollows 3:30  Thu 9/3 Prince Edward & Amelia  Longwood 3:30                                                   Tue 9/8 Central & Prince Edward  Kenbridge 3:30                                              THU 9/10 BUCKINGHAM & CENTRAL  Home The Hollows 3:30                       THU 9/17 JRD 1-3, 4-6 & 7-9 TBA 3:30

GHS JV Football Schedule 2015

Goochland High School                                                                                         JV Football Schedule 2015                                                                               WED 8/26 ESSEX HOME 6:30                                                                       WED 9/2 FORK UNION HOME 6:30                                                                 Thu 9/10 Amelia Away 6:30                                                                                THU 9/17 RE LEE HOME 6:30                                                                           Thu 9/24 Randolph-Henry Away 6:30                                                                     THU 10/1 PRINCE EDWARD HOME 6:30                                                      THU 10/8 BUCKINGHAM HOME 6:30                                                                    Thu 10/15 Nottoway Away 6:30                                                                           THU 10/22 CENTRAL HOME 6:30                                                                     Thu 10/29 Bluestone Away 6:30

GHS Varsity Football Schedule 2015

Goochland High School                                                                                Football Schedule 2015                                                                                            8/14 Stuarts Draft (scrim) WAHS 6:00                                                             8/21 POWHATAN (Benefit) HOME 7:00                                                        8/28 Essex Away 7:00                                                                                          9/4 FORK UNION HOME 7:00                                                                        9/11 AMELIA HOME 7:00                                                                                  9/18 Robert E Lee (Staunton) Away 7:00                                                            9/25 RANDOLPH-HENRY HOME 7:00 (Homecoming)                                   10/2 Prince Edward Away 7:00                                                                          10/9 Buckingham Away 7:00                                                                            10/16 NOTTOWAY HOME 7:00                                                                       10/23 Central Away 7:00                                                                                   10/30 BLUESTONE HOME 7:00                                                                      11/6 BYE

GHS Volleyball Schedule 2015

Goochland High School                                                                                     2015 Volleyball Schedule                                                                                       Tue 8/25 Maggie Walker (Scrim) Away 5:30                                                                   SAT 8/29 GOOCHLAND JAMBOREE HOME 9:00                                         TUE 9/1 AMELIA HOME 5:30                                                                      Wed 9/2 Powhatan Away 6:00                                                                        Thu 9/3 Cumberland Away 5:30                                                                          TUE 9/8 RANDOLPH-HENRY HOME 5:30                                                      Thu 9/10 Prince Edward Away 5:30                                                                     Tue 9/15 Buckingham Away 5:30                                                                        THU 9/17 NOTTOWAY HOME 5:30                                                                MON 9/21 COLLEGIATE HOME 5:30                                                             Tue 9/22 Central Away 5:30                                                                                 THU 9/24 BLUESTONE HOME 5:30                                                               MON 9/28 WILLIAM MONROE HOME 5:30                                                    Thu 10/1 Amelia Away 5:30                                                                                Mon 10/5 William Monroe Away 6:00                                                                  TUE 10/6 CUMBERLAND HOME 5:30                                                              Thu 10/8 Randolph-Henry Away 5:30                                                                TUE 10/13 PRINCE EDWARD HOME 5:30                                                      THU 10/15 BUCKINGHAM HOME 5:30                                                             Tue 10/20 Nottoway Away 5:30                                                                         THU 10/22 CENTRAL HOME 5:30                                                                    Tue 10/27 Bluestone Away 5:30                                                                              Tue 11/3 Quad Rivers Tournament TBA                                                                    Thu 11/5 Quad Rivers Tournament TBA                                                              Sat 11/7 Quad Rivers Tournament TBA                                                               Tue 11/10 2 A East Tournament TBA                                                               Thu 11/12 2 A East Tournament TBA                                                                    Sat 11/14 2 A East Tournament TBA

Time shown is the JV start time. The varsity usually starts an hour later.