Class Wish List

Dear Parents,

Here is our class wish list please feel free to pick up any of these items, if you can.  We would greatly appreciate it!

  1. Any gently used young reader books, prefer modern and more to date books

  2. Candy- mix match

  3. Extra binders and composition notebooks

Week 3

Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend!

Here is the hw for the week:

Science:  Scientific Method Quiz Friday

T- Variable Sheet

W- Complete SM Study Guide for quiz on Friday

Th- Study for SM Quiz tomorrow

F- none

Language Arts:

Students are to practice Fluency and Read for 20 min each night

Word Study will start the following week!  :)

A short week with a lot of learning….

Welcome back from your long weekend. I hope that you are relaxed and ready for a great week of learning. This first two weeks are done, and I must say, that I have three of the best groups of students! You have impressed me with your writing and commitment to learning! It is going to be a great year for all of us.

This week we will be working on the following:

Vocabulary – 8 parts of speech

Following are flashcards and learning games for review:

We are also using the following rap to learn these terms:

Reading: working in groups for instruction that meets the needs of the individual

Group 1 – Sharks – These are multi-level books. They have the same content but are differentiated based on the needs of the group. raz_lj24_sharks-1

Group 2- Sharks raz_lm24_sharks-2

Group 3- Sharks raz_lq40_sharks_clr-1

Group 4- Animal Discoveries


Group 5 – Animal Discoveries


Writing We will be working on topic sentences.

Enjoy, Mrs. Bay

Alvis Gazette September 2-6

What We’re Learning


*Identify and write the letters b and f

*Keep practicing the HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS/Trick words: “a” the, my and I.

*Show and Tell (Girls – Wednesday and Boys – Friday)

*Rhyming words – identifying and matching

*Writing Journal

*Lots of literature (Franklin, Froggy and Bear books).


*Oral counting from 0-20

*Classify and sort according to color, shape and size.

*Positional words (above, below, next to, bigger, smaller)

*Patterns- 2 colors=ABAB or AABB and 3 colors=ABCABC




Social Studies:    

*Pledge of Allegiance

*     All About Me Unit

Important Dates

A Homework packet will come home  on Tuesday.  The packet may be handed in next Monday, September 8.

Monday, September 1 –Labor Day holiday – no school.

Monday, September 8 – School Picture Day – All students will be photographed for the yearbook.  Please send money by Monday if you want to purchase.

September 11- Back to School Night and PTA meeting at 6:30.



Health Schedule ’14-’15

The schedule for Sept. and Oct. was handed out to students on Thurs. and Fri. during class.  My Day 1 students will have their first day of health on Monday, Sept. 8th and my Day 2 students on Tuesday, Sept. 9th.  Students should use their calendar to see the room they are to report to for health class.  A  copy of each is below in case you misplaced yours.  Students will need to bring their notebook/folder, paper and pencil to health class daily.

Sept Health 2014

October Health 2014

Learning Corner

Language Arts:

Word Study – Test Friday- We will get lots of practice in due to the shorter school week.

. The challenge words are: doubles, community

We will continue to complete whole group assignments for the next week while testing is going on. The students have completed the MAP tests in reading and math.  I will begin PALS testing with each student individually. They will be introduced to literacy stations and the laptops for “AR” practice.

Please have your child read for about 15 minutes each night. You may want to read aloud to your child. Reading as much as possible will help with fluency and comprehension. Please let me know if your child needs some reading materials as we patiently get through testing.


more practice with addition strategies, introducing related facts  if 8+4=12 then 12-4=8, 12-8=4

There will be some math homework this week. Please check your child’s agenda and green folder for assignments.

Social Studies:

We are focusing on Communities  this week.





2014-15 Dual Enrollment Description & Fee Schedule

GCPS has partnerships with several postsecondary institutions, in part to bring dual enrollment opportunities to our students. Please access our 2014-15 Dual Enrollment Description and Fee Schedule HERE.

Questions regarding our dual enrollment programming may directed to our Goochland High School guidance department (804-556-5322) and/or to Dr. Stephen Geyer, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction (804-556-5601).

Music in the Classroom

This year I have decided to use song activities for bell ringers. I plan on starting every class with a song during our ESOL resource period. Here are the many ways I chose to use song bell ringer activities.

  1. Establishing positive theme every day. There is nothing like a positive start to a class period. I love using music in the classroom as a bell ringer in my class for this reason. I also used the lyrics of songs to create a class theme. This year, I started off the year by introducing the song “Nothing More” by Alternate Routes. We established our class theme which is “We are Love, We are One.” I placed a poster with this theme at the front of our class where we review it and are reminded of it on a regular basis.

  2. Encompassing all four performance definitions of Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing through various activities. We listen to a song every single class period. We follow along by reading and recording key words on our word wall. Then, we follow up by speaking and talking about our interpretations of the song (i.e. What are the dangers that this song speaks of?) Finally, we complete many different writing assignments to follow up with the song. For example, I asked my students to journal about a time when they took an alternate route in their life and made a good decision. After completing their assignments, each student shared their writing/stories with each other.  I had my high school students complete their writing assignments and contribute to class discussions in Edmodo.

  3. Focusing on fluency. All my middle school and high school students have either an iPod or an iPad. Because of this, we are able to use the song lyrics to complete fluency activities using their voice memo apps. I found that fluency practice is perfect for song activities because students are listening/speaking/reading this song every day in my class. They can focus on pronunciation and reading fluency through reading song lyrics. My students completed fluency exercises using this attached iTouch Fluency Station checklist.


Every student has received a calendar telling them what days that they have Health. Based on the number of calendars I found on the FLOOR of the locker room, I doubt that many will remember!

I will have Health classes TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. These classes will take place in different rooms around the school, depending on the Day and Block. Here is the breakdown of classroom assignments:

  • D1,B1: Rm N142
  • D1, B3 and B4: Rm O159
  • D2, B1: Rm R227
  • D2, B2: Rm R226
  • D2, B4: Rm M123

I Like Myself

Beginning a new year in First Grade can be scary stuff !  So, we talk about ourselves and learn about others and we reacquaint with old friends and make new friends.  As a team, its not so scary anymore!

The class listened to the book I Like Myself.  The story reinforces the idea that we are all different and “different” is a good thing.  There is a great deal to like about ourselves!

The students used the IPODs to take a picture of a partner’s favorite body part.  Then the students wrote about why that body part was their favorite.  The students used Storyrobe to post their picture and record the story about their favorite body part.

Kacy likes her feet because they help her run fast, walk everywhere and step on spiders that try to bother her!

Her partner, Brady, likes his nose best!  He does have a really cute nose!

Friday, August 29th

History (blocks 1 & 3):  I checked to see if the 8 regions homework fold-able was completed; students took an 8 regions quiz and we checked it; we identified the major US waterways on a map and took a few notes on them; homework – Waterways Map & Questions sheet.

Science (block 2):  I checked to see if the Layers fold-able was complete and students and I discussed the Layers and what may occur in each one; students paired-up with a partner and did a card sort for the Layers of the Atmosphere;  Homework – Identifying Variables worksheet & STUDY! Layers Quiz on Wednesday.

Friendly Reminders

Friendly Reminders:

  • No school on Monday, Sept. 1st :)
  • Students may purchase ice creaming beginning on Friday, Sept. 5th.  Ice cream is 60 cents.  Please send in a labeled baggie with 60 cents or write a note that they can use their account.  Thanks!  :)
  • Background checks – Please remember to complete your background check if you are interested in volunteering in our classroom and/or chaperoning a field trip! :)
  • You can stop by Central Office on  Sept.4, or Sept.11 from 8:00 am-10:00 am to have a background check done without an appointment.  Requests for other dates and times are by appointment only.
  • Thanks for ALL you do!  :)

Sept. 1st – 5th

No school on Monday, Sept. 1st.  Happy Labor Day!  :)

Here are our plans for the upcoming week:

Language Arts:

  • Fundations (letters t, b, f)
  • Sight words
  • Writing our names kindergarten style
  • Listening to stories and answering oral comprehension questions


  • Building number sense
  • Review shapes

Science/Social Studies:

  • 7 Habits – Habit 1 and 2 this week
  • 5 Senses
  • Reviewing colors
  • Being a good citizen

Have a good week!  :)

September 2- September 5, 2014

Week 2 was a slice of heaven-Students walking to Room 107 independently in the mornings, working with literacy station partners, learning to take care of our supplies, taking care of our classroom job duties, completing work the Kindergarten way, and independently walking to the buses in the afternoon under Mrs. Martin’s supervision!  We are on our way!

*After the long weekend, Mrs. Martin will meet the students in the hallway on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

*Scroll down for a few special pictures.  There are too many great photos  to post, so I’ll save them for our RES PTA Back to School Night slide show-September 11, 2014 at 6:30pm!

Language Arts: Focus on letter/sound Tt

                            Name Identification

                            Writing on lined paper

   Journal Entries on specific topics

   Rhyming Word Activities

   Word Wall Activities: the, a, is

   Following multi-step directions

Mathematics:  Geometry Continued

                          Patterns-AB, ABC, AABB

                          Counting orally 0-20

                          Calendar Activities

           (days of week, yesterday, tomorrow)

                          Positional Words

                          Sorting and Catergorizing

                          (by shape, size, & color)

Science:  Color Review

                Mini Turtle Unit Activities

                Weather Observations

                Concept Sorts

                Courtyard Visits

*The snake gourds that were planted last spring are growing quickly.  Such fun to observe the weekly growth.


Social Studies:  All About Me Unit Activities

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance