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YouTube Releases Kids App
If you’ve ever been on YouTube, you understand how quickly it can suck you in. You may start out looking at a video about the latest awards show and then find yourself watching your 6th cat video.
Everything on YouTube, however, isn’t appropriate for all audiences. So YouTube has launched a new app just for the little ones: YouTube Kids. This app only features family-friendly content and all videos are divided into four categories: shows, music, learning, and exploring.   Check out for more information.

Wish List Items

We are running low on the following items in the classroom. If you are able to donate, it would be very much appreciated.

-Sharpened Pencils

-Pencil Top Erasers

-Dry Erase Markers

Also, please ask your child if he/she needs new scissors. My classroom set of scissors are starting to disappear!


Thanks so much for all your support :)

Tuesday, March 3

Day Two

Block One: PreAP English 10 

  • Students turned in their research papers

  • Introduction to Shakespeare

  • Introduction to Iambic Pentameter

Homework: None

Block Two: English 9 

- Quiz on chapters 1-8

  • We read chapter 9 as a class

Homework: Read chapter 10 

Block Three: English 11

- Students finished their rough drafts

Homework: None

In Class: Tuesday, March 3, 2015, Day 2 – Lesson and Homework

AP English Literature and Composition
Essential Question: What are the major influences of Mary Shelley in Frankenstein?
* Multiple choice practice #34-47
* Introduce Frankenstein with short film
* Notes on Mary Shelley, Rousseau, and popular criticisms of her work
* The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (read aloud)
* Socratic seminar on Frankenstein
1. Sheet on Romanticism
Homework due Thursday: 
Read to the end of Chapter 4 in Part 2 (up to page 103) in Frankenstein and create original questions about the text. 
If we are not here on Thursday due to snow and ice, read up to page 160 for Monday.
Honors English 11
Essential Question: What were the most outstanding aspects of the most outstanding Romantic poets? What made them Romantic?
* Group work: Romantic poets
None today
HW: Continue work for your group project! I am working on finishing evaluating your MLK papers and would like the final drafts next week.
If we are not here on Thursday, finish your essay revisions and come ready on Monday for the talk show presentation.
English 11 
Essential Question: What is the nature of Romanticism in its darker aspects?
* Class split for reading The Fall of the House of Usher (to page 315)
Packet on The Fall of the House of Usher 
HW due Thursday: Answer questions on The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe on page 330.
If we are not here on Thursday, read The Snowstorm by Ralph Waldo Emerson on page 395-397 and answer the questions that follow. 

5.7 Earth’s Surface

This week we continued to learn about the Rock Cycle and the various forms of rocks; Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. Students were able to make samples of Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks yesterday and understand the different processes by which they are formed. Students understand the differences between Weathering and Erosion.

Students also used the Luck Stone Rock Kits to examine and identify various types of rocks and the regions that they can be found in Virginia.

We will continue with this unit in learning about the layers of the Earth and Plate Tectonics.

Unit Test is scheduled for Monday, March 9th.


Heavy Equipment class is a huge Success !


Students in the heavy equipment operator class at GHS/Tech watch and listen as Mr. Verasstro explains the operation and safety features of the Caterpillar mini-excavator recently purchased as part of this new program. Students will operate this piece of equipment in the practice yard and eventually learn to dig foundations, pipe trenches, etc. This is a great STEM class because the students learn about soils, rock, trees, “shooting a grade”, measurement, metrics,welding, and diesel mechanics.

Mark Your Calendars!

Class & Individual Picture Day – Friday, March 6th 

3rd Annual Dinner and Auction – March 13th beginning at 6:00

PTA Meeting – Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Monday, March 23rd from 4:30-7:00

Dr. Seuss Week




Monday 3-2

 Oh the Places You’ll Go


Wear a shirt to a place you have been, college shirt, or vacation spot!

Tuesday 3-3

Fox in Socks

Get ready to celebrate!  Wear

       your craziest socks!
Wednesday 3-4

Wacky Wednesday

Wear your clothes backwards or mixed matched!

Thursday 3-5

The Sleep Book

Wear your pajamas to school and bring your favorite Dr. Seuss book or other favorite book!

Friday 3-6

The Grinch Who

Stole Christmas

Dress for the Whobilation!  Dress your best!  Today is picture day at school!

Math 8 HW 3/3/15

Translation Packet page 286

‘s 1-16 Even Only, use the graph paper given in class for 12 and 14.  Make sure you write the vertices for the image and then graph. Remember to use your prime symbols when naming an image.  A’ is read A prime.



March is Here!



-Dr. Seuss week:  Students will participate in Seuss themed STEAM activities this week.  Be sure to check back at the end of the week for a full recap. :)


-SOL Preparations: Students are also beginning to have in class comprehensive review activities for Reading and Math.  Students will complete Daily Review pages each day in class and will bring it home to review. They will be given short (about 5 questions) quizzes that addresses similar skills covered on their previous Daily Review page.  Daily Reviews may be recorded as formative grades and quizzes may be recorded as summative grades.

Silent Auction Basket: Our classroom basket theme is: Family Dining Out gift cards.  To help fill the basket, you can either send in item(s) to place in the basket that go along with the theme, or send in a donation (attn.: Room Mom) and items will be purchased for the basket.  Families can also put their money together to purchase one big ticket item for the basket instead of several smaller items. All donations are due by Friday, March 6th.  

This Week’s Happenings:

Language Arts: Students will finish their autobiography poems, continue with their word study tasks, use reference materials, and begin spiraled review of reading content.  Students will complete brief quizzes for word study and reference materials on Friday.

Math:  We’re finishing our study of probability with a review of essential vocabulary and interactive practice opportunities.  Students will review tree diagrams as well.  Probability quizzes are scheduled for Wednesday. Multiplication mastery continues, so be sure to review your specific set of facts.  To hone your skills on probability, visit SOL 3.18 Probability.

Science:  Students have investigated natural events and how human influences can affect the survival of species.  Quizzes will be given Tuesday before moving on to studying renewable and nonrenewable energy.  To further prepare, visit SOL 3.10 Natural Events and Human Influences.

Looking forward to a FUN week of learning,

Miss Lawson

Newsletter March 2-6

What We’re Learning


*Identify and write the letter Xx – PIRATES –x marks the spot. Letter Zz.  We are preparing for our QU wedding which is coming up soon.

*We will review letters t, b, f, n, m, i c, u, o, a, g, c, d, s, e, r, j, h, k, l v, w and y.

*Keep practicing the HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS/Trick words: “a” the, my, see, me, I, look, like, can, are, go, it, in, we, you, at, to, and, play, have, here, he, she, come and was. Our Star word this week is “little” and  “said”

*Show and Tell (Girls – Wednesday and Boys – Friday)

*Reading Groups and Literacy Stations

.*Writing Journal – Lots of sentence writing and practicing our LAST name

*Dr. Seuss activities

Mathematics:  *Oral counting from 0-100 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.

*Money – pennies, nickels and dimes

*Ordinal Numbers – first – tenth

*Numbers 0-18, tally marks, ones and ten frames

Science: Weight and capacity

Social Studies:    

  • Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, and Pochahontas


March 2-6 – Dr. Seuss Week.

Monday March 2 – Crazy hat day.        Tuesday – March 3 – Pajamas Day  – Your child can bring in a small stuffed animal and their favorite book.

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday      Thursday – Grinch day – Wear green.     Friday – Dress up like your favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Friday, March 13 – Spaghetti Dinner Night 5-8 p.m. Please send in reserved dinner money.

Tuesday, March 17 – Leprechaun traps  are due (this is an optional activity but so much fun).  A letter is in the green folder on Monday.












March 23rd is Parent/Teacher Conference Day

March 23rd will be a full day of school for the students.  Parent/Teacher conferences will begin at 4:30 and end at 7:00 pm.  Each conference will last fifteen minutes.  Please return your form marked with your desired time slot and I’m looking forward to meeting with you!

Dr. Seuss Week at Byrd Elementary

Byrd Elementary is celebrating Dr. Seuss all week long!  Your child can participate by:

Monday –  Oh, the Places You Will Go Wear a shirt from a place you have visited.

Tuesday- Fox in Socks Wear your crazy socks!

Wednesday-Wacky Wednesday  Wear mismatched and backward clothing.

Thursday-Sleep Book Wear your pj’s and bring your favorite book to school.

Friday- The Grinch Who Stole Christmas  Look your best!  It’s Picture Day!

Important March Dates

Save the date for these important events coming up in March!


March 2-6  Dr. Seuss Week

March 6  Picture Day

March 13  Theatre IV Performs

March 17  PTA Meeting

March 20 End of MP 3

March 27 Go Nuts for Reading Bookmark Due

March 27-29  GHS Drama Presents “Into the Woods” at GHS