Friday, April 17 – Day 1

Science – students had the opportunity to observe algae and protozoa using the microscope; they enjoyed seeing the frantic swimmers!  They also had time to work on their Science Review Packet with a partner.  Homework:  Complete the review.  Post-Test on Thursday, April 23rd.

History – today in History we discussed the Abolitionist and Suffrage Movements; students watched several video clips and fill-in their “We Want to Vote Too!” notes.  Homework:  STUDY!  Post-Test Tuesday.

Friday, April 17

Day One

Blocks 1-3

We read Act I, scenes ii-iv

Students completed the Act I worksheet

Homework: None

Block 4: PreAP English 10 

  • Act III comprehension check

  • We began reading Act IV

Homework: Act III quiz on Tuesday

April 20-April 24 Weekly News

Theme of the Week

This week we will continue with our farm theme. Our letter of the week is /Qq/. Please reinforce teaching this letter at home. On Monday, we will read Bella Lost Her Moo and make predictions about how the cow lost her moo. We will paint pictures from the story, add farm animals to our birdseed tub, and make cow puppets to use in our reading center. On Tuesday, we will revisit the oral language cards of farm animals and make a graph of our favorite farm animals. We will also make a farm animal magazine collage and continue with barn/farm play in our block center. On Wednesday, we will read Farm ABCs and place theme words on our word wall. We will play farm games at our puzzles and games table, complete farm floor puzzles, and complete a farmer representational drawing activity in our writing center. On Thursday, we will sing “3 Little Pigs Blues” and read the story The 3 Little Pigs using flannel board pictures as we read. We will also complete a children’s engineering project. The students will be provided with a variety of materials to build a house (i.e. pipe cleaners, blocks, craft sticks, etc). We will use a hairdryer and test the houses to see if they will “blow down.” Mrs. Black’s first grade class will also be visiting to make Frisbees to play with on the playground. On Friday, we will sing and act out “1, 2, Buckle My Shoe” and read The Little Red Hen. Later in the day we will listen to the story on tape. We will make bread using Mrs. Madding’s bread maker, make a hen craft, and add props from the story to the reading center for story retelling. During small group time, we will play a farm animal memory game, complete dairy farm and farm features color/cut/paste activities, match upper and lower case letters on a horse template, and use farm magnetic books to practice literacy skills. We will also practice writing letters in shaving cream, use alphabet stencils in the writing center, and complete letter /Qq/ art.


I am still missing signed progress report envelopes. Please sign and return them as soon as possible.

Monday, May 25th-School closed for Memorial Day

Additional Thoughts

I hope you were able to attend kindergarten registration this past Thursday. If you were unable to go, please contact your child’s home school to set up a time to have your child registered.

The students were very excited to learn that we will be hatching baby chicks in our classroom. We received the incubator and eggs this week. It will take approximately 21 days for the eggs to hatch. This is an activity we have done in my classroom the past few years and it has always been really fun and exciting!

World Language Fair

This next week, the GMS ESOL students will be participating in the World Language Fair. We will be displaying our work from our project based learning activity, which involves raising awareness about child labor.

The activities of the day involve the following:

Streaming videos for the public, from “Made in a Free World

Encouraging visitors to start their own awareness campaigns and start their own fundraisers.

We will also be making pinwheels to raise awareness of child labor/abuse.



Yesterday was such an exciting day at Byrd Elementary!  Kindergarten Registration was a huge success.  We welcomed families new and old.  Parents worked diligently to fill out information in a new online format and the children were able to show off their skills to me during screening activities.  What a fun bunch of precious ones coming to Byrd next year.

Athletic events for the week of April 20, 2015

Monday, April 20:

1.  The girls tennis team travels to Blessed Sacrament for their matches at 4:30.

2.  The varsity softball team hosts Colonial Beach at 5:00.

3.  The boys soccer team travels to Randolph-Henry for their game at 5:30.

4.  The JV girls soccer team host Collegiate at 5:30.  

Tuesday, April 21:

1.  The boys tennis team travels to Randolph-Henry for their matches at 4:30.

2.  The girls tennis team hosts Randolph-Henry at 4:30.

3.  The varsity softball & JV baseball teams host Randolph-Henry at 5:00.

4.  The JV softball & varsity baseball teams travel to Randolph-Henry for their games at 6:00.

Wednesday, April 22:

1.  The JV girls soccer team travels to Buckingham for their game at 4:30.

2.  The girls & boys track team travels to Amelia for their track meet with Amelia & Central at 4:30.

3.  The middle school girls soccer team hosts Steward School at Leakes Mill Park at 5:00.

4.  The JV softball & varsity baseball teams travel to Bluestone for their make up games from 3/19 at 5:00.

5.  The varsity softball & JV baseball teams host Bluestone for their make up games from 3/19 at 5:00.

Thursday, April 23:

1.  The boys tennis team travels to Prince Edward for their matches at 4:30.

2.  The girls tennis team hosts Prince Edward at 4:30.

3.  The varsity baseball team travels to Benedictine for their game at 4:30.

4.  The JV baseball team hosts Benedictine at 4:30.

5.  The varsity girls & boys soccer teams host Prince Edward in make up games from 3/26 at 5:30 & 7:00.

Friday, April 24:

1.  The middle school girls soccer team host Collegiate at Leakes Mill Park at 5:00.

2.  The middle school softball & baseball teams host Locust Grove on the old high school fields at 5:00.

Thursday, April 16, 2015 – Day 2

History – students finished reviewing & checking  the Westward Expansion fill in the blank notes; they started working on the Chapter 7 review from page 141 using a keynote on the iPad.  Homework:  STUDY!  USI SOL. 1 to 8. Post-Test on Monday.

Science – we checked the Mitosis homework review; students had time to study before the quiz; they also watched a mitosis & meiosis video; students completed the Cell Division Quiz; Homework:  wrk on the Science Study Guide for the post-test (due by the end of class on Monday); Post-test on Wed. April 22nd.

Returning to School

Our first week back has been a busy one!


Students are finishing up the play, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and will be tested on their mastery next week. This past Thursday students had a quiz on vocabulary. We played Pictionary as a way to review and the kids really enjoyed that. They have also begun working on their projects this week. Students seem very excited about the different options offered on the “menu” and have been busy building models of the secret annex, putting together survival journals, or creating “interviews” with the annex inhabitants. I can’t wait to see the final products!


We will finish “Killing Mr. Griffin” this week and the students are very excited to get to the end. Each student has his/her own theory on how it will end so we can’t wait to see who is right! We’ll have a test next week on the complete novel. We had a vocabulary test this week on chapters 14-17.

Students are sill working on their root word menu project and have until April 30th to complete it.

Reading SOL

We are beginning to review for the Reading SOL, which will take place in the beginning of May. Please work with your child to review the work we have been doing all year as part of the preparation for the test. Check my resources page for other ways to prepare your student.

Have a great week!

Student Summer Job Fair


You are invited to participate in the Capital Region Workforce Partnership’s first annual InspireYouth@Work Summer Opportunities Fair.  This unique, regional job fair is a free opportunity for government, businesses and not-for-profit organizations to publicize their summer job, volunteer and leadership development openings suitable for youth ages 14 – 21. Some of the attending organizations include Lowe’s, Chick-fil-A, Richmond Kickers, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Henrico Parks & Rec, DTLR, American Red Cross, Shamin Hotels, and many more.

Please plan to attend! Registration is online at, and you can  contact Felicia Ainsa at804-226-1941 x 235 or with any questions.

Thursday, April 16

Block 1:PreAP English 10 

We finished watching Act III, ii

We read Act III, ii

Students identified examples of logos, pathos, and ethos within Marc Antony’s speech

Homework: Finish the logos, pathos, ethos sheet

Blocks 2: English 9

To Kill a Mockingbird test

Extra credit opportunity: Using Shakespearean language

Introduction to dramatic devices in Romeo and Juliet

We read Romeo and Juliet act I scene i.

Homework: None

Block Three: English 11

Interactive achievement SOL prep #1

Students finished reading chapter one of Great Gatsby and answered chapter one questions in small groups.

Homework: Make flashcards for literary devices that you will see on the SOL.

Wednesday, April 15

Day 1

Blocks 1-3: English 9

To Kill a Mockingbird test

Extra credit opportunity: Using Shakespearean language

Introduction to dramatic devices in Romeo and Juliet

We read Romeo and Juliet act I scene i.

Homework: None

Block 4:PreAP English 10 

We finished watching Act III, ii

We read Act III, ii

Students identified examples of logos, pathos, and ethos within Marc Antony’s speech

Homework: Finish the logos, pathos, ethos sheet

Wed. April 15, 2015 – Day 1

Science – we checked the Mitosis Notes homework and then we discussed the Onion Root Tip-Mitosis Lab; students and I shared out counts for each stage of mitosis and calculated the percentages for the entire class; we also briefly discussed why Interphase takes the longest to occur; students were given a post-test study guide to work on (answer what you can tonight) students will be given class time to work on this; due Tuesday, April 21st; Science Post-Test on Thursday, April 23. Please Note * The information that has NOT been taught yet, such as Genetics, Classification and Evolution, will not count on the post-test.

History – today I shared several videos and we discussed inventions and Manifest Destiny (painting); students were given a study guide for the post-test.  Please Note * students will not need to review US.9a-d since that material has not yet been taught; Homework – STUDY!  Post-Test on Tuesday, April 21st.

Mon/Tues. April 13/14 – Day 1 and 2

History – students and I discussed Westward Expansion and filled -in a notes page; we discussed the imagery within American Progress (Manifest Destiny) painting; we also discussed and I shared several videos related to Westward Expansion (Schoolhouse Rock, Indians and Westward Expansion, Cotton Gin, Reaper, Steam Boat & Locomotive); students received a Study Guide for the Post-Test.  Homework – STUDY the Study Guide; Post Test next week (day 2 Monday, day 1 Tuesday)

Science – students and I reviewed the steps of The Cell Cycle (Mitosis) *see V-Cell on iPad; students went to the lab to observe onion root tip cells during Cell Division; Homework:  Cell Division Review Sheet; Quiz next class period.

World Language Fair – Monday, April 20th

The World Language Department wanted to remind families of World Language Night at GMS.
Attention Parents…
A form was sent home with your child before Spring Break letting you know about the World Language Fair at Goochland Middle School on Monday April 20th. This is a FREE event and there will be many fun language activities throughout the evening.  Kahlos restaurant (formerly Frida’s) will be catering the event.  There is a small cost for the dinner and part of the proceeds will be given to our local food pantry.  In order to prepare for the event, we would like to know how many students, siblings, and parents will attend. Please check your child’s back pack, fill out the form, and send it back either tomorrow Wednesday April 15th or ThursdayApril 16th at the latest.  Thank you so much for supporting the GMS World Language Department, World Geography Department, and the ESOL Department.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Leona Barnes at GMS at 556-5320.
*Additionally, there is student made video/commercial on the GCPS Facebook page to promote the event (

Chief Snead and Civil Rights in Goochland County

Be sure to ask your student about his 7 Up Tips:

  1. Show Up: Show up, be present in your life
  2. Listen Up: With your ears and eyes
  3. Stand Up: Stand up for something or fall for everything
  4. Give Up: You have to give up to GET up!
  5. Prepare Up: Be on top of things especially in school
  6. Follow Up: If you say your are going to do something DO IT!
  7. Lift Up: Lift up those around you and yourself

“To Be Great In Life you have to be Committed. Commitment starts with T.I.M.E.S”

  • Time
  • Involved
  • Money: it can’t be about money
  • Energy and excitement
  • Sacrifice
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