Monday, October 20

Day Two

Block One: PreAP English 10

Journal entry: Which death was worse: Piggy’s or Simon’s?

Vocabulary unit 11 quiz

Discussion on chapters 9-10 of Lord of the Flies

We began watching the movie.


The MP1 exam will be on Wednesday. 40 questions on Lord of the Flies and an analytical essay

Block Two: English 9

  • Students who needed time to finish their journals and essays took the time to do so.

  • We watched The Pearl movie.


The MP1 exam will be on Wednesday. 40 multiple choice questions pulled from old reading and writing SOLs


Monday, October 20, 2014 (Day 2)

History – students watched a brain-pop video on Christopher Columbus, completed and checked the brain-pop quiz; They turned their quizzes in to be documented in powerschool; Students researched Francisco Coronado, drew his map routes and began their diary entries; Madeline, James, Cate, Kyle, Greyson and Gabrielle shared their Jacques Cartier diary entries with the class; What wonderful writing!  Homework – Diary Entry for Francisco Coronado.

Science – students watched the Hurricanes and/or Tornadoes brain-pop videos, completed the quizzes and reported their grades to me; we checked the Classification of Fronts homework assignment; students used their iPads to work on a Weather Review assignment.  They will check their answers with QR Codes on Wednesday; Homework:  STUDY the 25 weather terms (Quiz Wednesday, October 23rd) and start reviewing for the Weather Unit TEST (Test Date Tuesday, October 28th).

Pay Your Way Through the Day

Get Paid: 

Move Clip Up $0.05

Using the Habits $0.30

Weekly Allowance/ Doing your Job $1.00/ week

Doing Your Homework  $0.20

Using Manners  $0.10

Moving your pin up $0.10


Talking in the Hallway   $0.10

Get a Pencil   $0.25

Move Clip Down $0.05

Not Using Manners  $0.10

Tattling $0.10

Not Doing Your Homework  $0.20

Messy Desk   $0.30

Not Hanging Up Coat and Bag $0.15

No Name on Paper $0.10

Keep track of your money and it can be used on Friday to spend in our class store!!

iPads are Finally Here!

Last week’s iPad deployment night went smoothly, from what I could tell.  Students and  parents alike were anxious to receive the student iPads.  Each parent and student was asked to sign a GMS iPad contract.  Some students are having a bit of difficulty remembering what was in the contract regarding downloading apps (don’t do it on your own) and when it is acceptable to have iPads out (hallways are RED ZONES…iPads should not be in your hands).  Because of this confusion, I am attaching a copy of the iPad contract to this post for future reference.

Students in my classes today explored Socrative student app.  We used the response system to record student answers to review questions, in preparation for tomorrow’s cumulative test.

We are learning these devices together.  Each day will get better and flow more smoothly.  Please make sure your student is prepared each day by charging their iPads overnight and having the iPad with them at school daily.

iPad Contract

BES / GES Field Trip Reminder

The 4th and 5th Grade students from Byrd and Goochland Elementary School will be traveling to Goochland High School, next Wednesday afternoon, October 29th.  the students will meet and greet the High School actors who will be starring in the Alice In Wonderland production at the Goochland High School.  The students will experience a sneak peek into the world of drama, and stage presence.

The presentation will begin at 1:00 pm, and will be held in the Goochland High School auditorium.  The elementary school students will travel by school bus, so please make sure your child’s permission slip has been turned into school.

We are looking forward to a fun educational afternoon together.  Thank you Mr. Burch, and all of the students in the GHS drama department!  This will be a wonderful experience for all!


Science – We took our quiz with notes on the Watersheds this morning.  Please review if you received an email.  Students spent 4 days last week on watersheds and reviewed natural resources (from 3rd grade) along with participating in multiple exercises with the Young Scientists.  We should have a good grasp on this topic.  We will continue to spiral back and review this topic via onTrac Brain Wake-ups in the morning from 8:10-8:30.

VS – We are starting Jamestown this week!  Please review nightly notes.

LA – We are working on understanding fictional elements – characters, setting, plot, problem, climax, and the like.  I can’t say enough how important reading is for your child.  It’s the key to success.   Word study activities and test are Thursday.  There will be a cold read on Friday on fiction and narrative elements.  Reading logs should be completed nightly.

Math – Some students tested out of estimation and computation and are working on extension activities covering the same topic.  A small group is working with me on basic skills of adding and subtracting for review.  By now, your child should have a good grasp on the facts from 0-20 for addition and subtraction.  (I’m finding that this is the actual hold up.  Please drill these facts along with multiplication facts through 12 nightly.)  We will also work on strategies to attack a word problem.  Neatness and organization are extremely helpful.

Important Dates:

10/23 Grandparents Night, 6:30.  Please RSVP.

10/31 Book Character Day

11/4 Parent Teacher Conferences (no school for students)

11/6 Jamestown

11/11 Veterans’ Day Assembly 8:30-9:00

11/26-11/28 Thanksgiving Holiday


Dates & Events



*Our field trip to see Charlotte’s Web is on Thursday, October 23rd.

Due to reserved seating in the theater, I am only allowed to take two chaperones. Parents are more than welcome to meet us at the park for lunch. We will probably get there around 12:15 or 12:30.

This is also the night for having Grandparents at RES to visit. 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

*24- Wear RES spirit clothing or just lots of green and yellow! or….your Roadrunners on the run shirt :)

-We go to the book fair to fill out our wish lists. We will purchase items on TUE., OCT. 28th.

*Report cards go home on the 27th.

*Dress as a book character on Fri., Oct. 31. This is not a time to wear your trick or treating costumes with full masks, props or  play weapons, etc.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Bring along the book and share a little bit about your character. We will get together with our 3rd grade book buddies to share.

Learning Corner

Language Arts:

*Word Study – Test Friday

The challenge words are: compass rose, grandparents


Please have your child read a little bit each night. They should recognize the vocabulary words and know their meanings. The glossary in the back of the RED book is what we refer to.

The next test will be on Friday, October 24th.


counting combinations of: penny, nickel, dime, quarter —up to $2.00

writing the dollar symbol —$1.00

Adding and subtracting will continue. :)

Social Studies:

Earth is our world.

identify and label: 7 continents, 5 oceans, title of a map, compass rose, map legend

 test on Tuesday, October 21st

Oct. 17

Collab Biology

Homework: Have cell structure notes for next notebook check; Define the next 100 vocabulary words (words 80-178) due 10/22

Self-Contained Biology

Homework: None

Oct. 16

Collab Earth Science

Homework: None

Collab Biology

Homework: Have cell notes (2) and cell study guide for next notebook check; Define the next 100 vocabulary words (words 80-178) due 10/22

Week of October 20 – 24

This week in Math:


Math 6 classes will finish their unit on coordinate planes and review for their marking period test that is this week. The MP test will be given on Wednesday (Day 2) and Thursday (Day 1).


Pre-Algebra classes will finish their unit on Consumer Math and will have a test this week, Tuesday (Day 1) and Wednesday (Day 2).

Statistics (10/20 – 10/24)

We devote this week to statistics, reviewing how to interpret, analyze, and find deviations from the mean of a data set.  We will learn how to calculate manually and graphically the standard deviation, mean absolute deviation, and variance.  Z-scores will be calculated manually.  All of our data will evolve around normally distributed data, which will allow us to sketch and label normal distribution curves for our data.  The homework for the week is:

The Quiz next week will cover creating, reading, and analyzing box-and-whisker plots (boxplots) and calculating and interpreting statistics (mean, variance, mean absolute deviation, standard deviation, and z-score).  You need to manually find and show calculations as well as demonstrate them on your graphing calculator.

Remember: The marking period ends this Thursday.  Make sure all make-up work is completed and turned in.  A progress report, outlining grades for MP1, will be sent and will require a parent/guardian signature.  Please review it and observe areas of concern.